Grateful Bluegrass Boys

HopMonk Sebastopol presents

Grateful Bluegrass Boys

Jon Gonzales 'n Family

Friday, May 26, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

HopMonk Tavern - Sebastopol

Sebastopol, CA


This event is 21 and over

Grateful Bluegrass Boys
Grateful Bluegrass Boys
Grateful Bluegrass Boys is a string band that plays traditional Bluegrass versions of Classic Rock favorites from bands such as the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Eagles, Rolling Stones and more.
These songs, combined with classic Bluegrass and Country tunes, consistently have audiences singing and dancing along the whole show.
The band consists of Aaron Redner, violin, mandolin, and vocals,who is known for his work with Hot Buttered Rum with whom he toured for 13 years.11953342_1094127413948039_7986528262938440056_o

David Thom, who fronts the David Thom Band and Vintage Grass, plays mandolin and guitar, and sings like an angel. He also spent two years working for David ‘Dawg’ Grisman.11951470_1094127503948030_4684273872504820313_o

Isaac Cantor, banjo, also plays in Dusty Green Bones Band. He is one of the finest young jam-jo pickers on the scene today.11947730_1094127783948002_5514619163067018965_o

Ben Jacobs, accordion, can be seen with Poor Man’s Whiskey and Achilles Wheel. Ben is a highly sought-after keyboard player and we are honored to have him play with us!

We have a rotating cast of bass players that include Bryan Horne (Hot Buttered Rum), Aspen Stevenson (Poor Man’s Whiskey), Pam Brandon (Belle Monroe & Her Brewglass Boys), and Russel Simon (Rusty Stringfield).
Jon Gonzales 'n Family
Jon Gonzales 'n Family
San Francisco Bay area's legendary ukulele performer and emergent songwriter, Jon Gonzales, is a crossover artist with lyrical content that ranges with music styles of many genres, including folk, reggae, rock, spoken word, pop, and old-school country. After the release of his second full-length album, HUMP, Gonzales has fortified himself as one of Sonoma County's top songwriting acts, and entertains all ages as both a soloist and with full band.

Jon Gonzales 'n Family Bio (full band):

From the San Francisco north bay region called Sonoma County, Jon Gonzales 'n Family bring forth an easily listening and groovin' style of original JG tunes sprinkled with country, reggae, and soft rock tunes.

Members of the JG family include: Michael Lindner (bass), Ben Dubin (drums), Terry Keady (guitar), Jenna Gonzales & Jennifer Foltz (femme vocals).

Long JG Bio:

Somewhere between Tarzan and the Beastmaster, emerged Jon Gonzales a satyr-like, photo-phobic audiophile. After growing up as a middle-class chameleon in the desert confines of Bakersfield, Californ-I-A, Jon Gonzales took the Wille Way and headed north to the land of wines, apples, and coastal breeze, and decided to take music into his own freakishly-stubby fingers.

After toiling in a state-asylum known as public high school as 'teacher', JG created a basketful of ukulele songs (much easier and pliable for tiny lil' fingers) and hooked up with master producer Michael Lindner and squeezed and juiced and came up with Jon's first album, Water 'n Whiskey. Described as a chimy, hook-folk album, "Yer So Beautiful" aired on local Bay Area stations and earned Jon a smattering of Facebook (ain't tweetin' none!) popularity and a spot on the local Sonoma County music scene.

Despite his shortness, bald-top, unmarketable name, beer-belly, and girlish singing voice, JG aired his buzz in 2013 for his songwriting (KRSH Backyard Series, Real Music, Big Bash Hootenanny, Rivertown Revival) and uke strumming (Wine Country Ukulele Festival, Sebastopol Ukulele Festival). Along with Lindner, local music stalwarts Hannah Jern-Miller, Bill Iberti, Michael Bryant, and Marlaina Rae, what evolved into "Jon Gonzales Stringband" livened up the stages, and earned Water 'n Whiskey local airwaves and rave reviews.
In 2014, JG left the stage and hit the homefront. After having a fifth child with Wife and JGer, Jenna Gonzales, the two tragically lost their first child, Jasper James, at the age of 10. Jenna and Jon carry on with Jasper's four siblings.

In 2015, JG 'n Family (Lindner, Terry Keady, Ben Dubin, & wife Jenna) have emerged with the full band presentation. Also, JG has participated in many songwriting showcases as a soloist.

Now JG performs as a soloist, as a duo w/ Michael Lindner, as a trio a.k.a. JG Stringband (w/ noteslinger Bill Iberti), and as the family band.

Self-managed, and open for all types of shows, JG continues to emerge and evolve as one of Sonoma County's top billings, whether it be as a notable songwriter, ukulele chimer, open mic host, songwriter networker, or elders-community entertainer.
Venue Information:
HopMonk Tavern - Sebastopol
230 Petaluma Ave
Sebastopol, CA, 95472